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"A real decision is increased by the fact that you've taken a new action. If there's no action, you haven't truly decided".

Tony Robbins

  • Your investment for the 2 day Stopping smoking is £200.00.

  • Dates

    16th-17th January 2016

    27th-28th February

    12th-13th March

    16th-17th April

    Facts about your savings

    That average smoker smokes between 10 to 20 cigs a day. The cost of a pack is about £6.70. If your smoking 20 a day this costs you 33.5 per cig. Times that by 140 = £46.90 a week. Times that by 4 = £187.60 a month. Times that by 12 = a shameful =£2225.12 a year. Over 5 years, not only will you be someone who can breath easy, because you will be a lot healthier,you will also be £8375.60 wealthier.

    30 cigs a day at 33.5p = £10.05 x by 7= £70.35 x 4 =£281.40 x 12=£3776.80 over 5 years =£16884.00.

    40 cigs at 33.5pcigs a day=£13.40 x by 7 =£93.80 x 4=£375.20 x 12=£4502.40 over 5 years =£22511.20. In 10 years you could have paid a big chunk of your mortgage off.

    We have payment plans to suite your requirements.

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