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"A real decision is increased by the fact that you've taken a new action. If there's no action, you haven't truly decided".

Tony Robbins

Facts about stopping smoking

Your body will start thanking you in so many ways as soon as you stop smoking. Your mind is living inside a perfected miracle and your mind and body just want to learn. Each and every part of you body is regulated by your unconscious mind. You see you're not aware of your heart beating 100,000 times a day and you're not aware of the 17,280 breaths you take in a day. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day your heart will beat an extra 10,000 beats in 24 hours. Are you aware of your liver function? Possibly not. Your liver function includes, detoxification, protein synthesis and the production of biochemical. This is just a few functions of the liver.

What about our lungs?

The purposes of our lungs are to bring oxygen into the body. When we breathe in, our lungs remove carbon dioxide (what an amazing conversion). Oxygen provides us with energy. Carbon dioxide is what we breathe out. We have many breathing tubes, these tubes continue to divide into smaller and smaller tubes called bronchioles. The bronchioles end in tiny air sacs called alveoli. What is amazing is there are over 300 million alveoli in normal lungs. If you were to open out your alveoli and lay them flat, believe it or not, they would cover the area of a doubles tennis court.

Let's not forget the heart

Your heart pumps approximately 1,319 gallons of blood around you a day, full of the oxygen you need to keep alive.

Interested? Maybe not.

What is fascinating is that there is one particular filter operating in your mind that stops you from being aware of your nervous system, (not all the time) and what is going on inside you every day. The filter is call deletion, there is also another filter that comes into play when you are smoking which is called dissociation. You have tricked these mind filters to stop telling you that you are poisoning your whole body.

Why would we have these filters?

These filters of the mind are incredibly useful because they help us in many situations and can prevent us from being aware of danger. Let me give you some examples: Nurses, doctors, police, surgeons and politicians, whilst working, are dissociated. In other words they are disconnected from their awareness of feelings, because to be associated in their feelings means they could not do the job properly. All of us have these types of filters of the mind. Can you imagine a nurse bursting into tears if you were to walk into A&E with a broken arm? Can you imagine a policeman feeling sorry for you and then letting you off of a speeding ticket? Can you imagine all politicians feeling empathy for the unfortunate people in the world and then focusing on their needs to have a more fulfilling life. No! This is because they have learnt to be dissociated.

You have learnt to delete and dissociate

All of us delete and dissociate. We have to delete information coming into our minds because if we didn't our mind would overload. As you are reading this now you are deleting information. You weren't aware of your feet on the floor until I mentioned it. It is impossible for you to be associated when you are smoking.

As Yapko says:

"Clearly a smoker is in a physically dissociated state. How else could one be oblivious to the physical damage associated with breathing in toxic fumes."

The first time you had a cigarette your nervous system gave you signals in many different ways to let you know you were poisoning yourself and you know what they were. Over time you tricked your nervous system into believing smoking was okay despite the fact you got lots of symptoms letting you know you should stop.

Our perception of what smoking gives us is subjective. Many of my clients will use words like safe, relaxed, confident, satisfying. All of these type of powerful words create feelings from within. Our imagination loves to make associations with feelings we suggest to ourself. Over time we convince ourself that smoking gives us what we think we need. Repeating this type of thinking eventually moves these resources (relaxed, safe) into our unconscious mind. Not only have you got your nervous system giving you signals when your nicotine levels drop, at the same time you have the associations of the resources (relaxed, safe) not being there. When these feelings eventually connect to each other they make a loop of your suggested requirements.

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Your body will remove the nicotine very quickly. The NHS suggest it will take 24 hours before you start feeling withdrawals from tobacco/nicotine and some professionals believe this process can last up to a week. I personally believe this is subjective as there have been many cases where people (including myself) have just stopped overnight without any withdrawals. This is where deletion would be incredibly useful!

  • How do you know when it's time to smoke?
  • What is the trigger?
  • What is the re-minder that starts the whole sequence that runs the loop?

What happens when you stop the trigger? What happens when you re-mind yourself about the way you want to be? When you find the trigger and replace it with a new trigger you will stop the the whole sequence from running.This takes repetition and as L.Michael Hall,Ph.D Stated

"If" repetition is the mother of learning,"then" repeated learning functions as the mother of beliefs"

Cliff Partridge
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